You learn from what's killing you.

February 7, 2008


Okay, when i lived in Burbank, I had Semays, an auto parts store that was full of people that knew how to deal when you came in and asked for something out of the ordinary. I havent really had that in LB, mostly just kids that knew only what the computer tells them. But, today I was running all my errands on my X-Wedge with a backpack and my ground cable broke, weird. But i looked and i didn't have any more cable. So I drove down with my broken cable and the guy there MADE me a cable from scratch!!!! My hero! So needless to say, I have an auto parts store now. I am happy about that, and its 5 min from my shop. On Los Alamitos, just north of Katella. Good people.

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Anonymous said...

Good parts people are hard to come by these days. Congrats of finding one so close to the shop!