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February 29, 2008

The Bardahl Special

Yes, I collect Bardahl stuff, and the hardest stuff to find is the aviation stuff, that, of course, is the stuff I look for the most!

Here is the Bardahl Special... P-51 Mustang


Anonymous said...

Pana, Illinois, 53rd Pana Open Car show and Vintage Sprint Car Gathering, Featuring the homecoming of Panaite Hector Honore’s Bardahl Special, The Black Deuce, 7 time IMCA National Champion, over 400 feature wins, driven by Bobby Grim, Pete Folse, “Scratch Daniels, Cliff Griffith, Gordon Wooley and others. No Judging, Display only, no entry fee, each sprint car displayed will receive a “Free” Black Deuce” Tee Shirt. Saturday June 28, 2008, Pana, Illinois, Kitchell Park, South Rt. 51. No admission “Free Family Event. Also Illinois State Classic Antique Bicycle Show. For more information call Pana Chamber 217 562 4240

daryl said...

From 1965-67 I was stationed at Paine Field WA. This acft was then owned by Chuck Lyford and he used to fly circles around our F-102s at low level. I have a signed copy of your photo, it is a postcard published in 1965 which he gave to me when I left Paine Field in 1967. Beautiful airplane!!!!!!!!!